How to Choose a Surveillance Camera

How to Choose a Surveillance Camera

2022-09-08 17:09:55

Nowadays, security monitoring equipment can be seen everywhere around us. Among them, surveillance camera is the most important equipment in the security system. So how should we choose?


Surveillance Camera


Surveillance camera purchase skills


Low light


At present, many projects require monitoring equipment to support low illumination. That is, the device can still work normally even when the illumination is as low as possible. However, since there is no uniform standard for low illumination, each manufacturer measures the illumination according to its own standards. Therefore, users cannot know the actual application of the equipment only through data when purchasing equipment. Therefore, users can actually test it before purchasing.


Analog devices and network devices


At present, the home monitoring devices on the market are all network cameras. Important projects and important locations must choose network monitoring equipment, such as bayonet monitoring, financial industry, etc. For some optional monitoring corners, you can use analog monitoring equipment. This can not only meet the needs of use but also maximize the benefits.


Choice of focal length


The focal length of the purchased monitoring equipment is actually the choice of the monitoring angle of view, and the length of the focal length affects the size of the angle of view. Of course, there are monitoring devices with zoom lenses on the market now, and users can buy them according to their needs.


If the monitoring site is relatively empty, such as corridors, corridors, etc., users need monitoring equipment with a larger focal length. If the monitoring area is relatively small, such as monitoring the environment in an elevator, it is necessary to choose a small focal length lens, that is, a wide-angle lens.




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